Alla inlägg den 22 oktober 2006

Av Vilhelmina - 22 oktober 2006 12:38

1. Put your music player on shuffle.2. Press forward for each question.3. Use the song title as the answer to the question even if it doesn’t make sense. NO CHEATING!Will it be ok?Midnattsland, FredrikeHow are you feeling today?Vita hus och lila slätter, Idde SchultzHow do your friends see you?Rome wasn’t built in a day, MorcheebaWill you get married?Isola, 747 (English Version), KentWhat is your best friend’s theme song?Superman, Sandi ThomWhat is the story of your life?Damascus, Nerina PallotWhat was high school like?Till döds, FredrikeHow can you get ahead in life?Fragments of freedom, MorcheebaWhat is the best thing about your friends?Clouds, Jenny beckWhat is today going to be like?Stay Now, JemWhat is in store for this weekend?Där din skugga faller, FredrikeWhat song describes you?Geek love, Nerina Pallot (Haha!)To describe your grandparents?Nightingale, Norah JonesHow is your life going?Jag väljer mina drömmar själv, Idde SchultzWhat song will they play at your funeral?The long day is over, Norah Jones (väldigt passande faktiskt.)How does the world see you?Nickindia, Nerina Pallot Will you have a happy life?Farväl, Adjö, Idde Schultz (hm,)What do your friends really think of you?Amy (American Girl), jenny BeckDo people secretly lust after you?Come on closer, JemHow can I make myself happy?Miss Negative, Jenny Beck (haha!!)What should you do with your life?Småstadskvaller, Idde SchultzWill you ever have children?Don’t know why, Norah Jones

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