Alla inlägg den 23 december 2006

Av Vilhelmina - 23 december 2006 21:44

We've landed in france alright and are driving down the A1 towards Paris. We've probably got another couple of hours to the campsite. My seat, the one in the middle that jules put in, is a bit wallace and gromit-esque; you have to hold a lever and then push yourself back to get the seat down and then you can climb into the back. Now, i've perfected the art of doing that brilliantly, however, i need to ensure i don't kick the sirens-button whilst climbing into the back. That would probably cause a bit a stir...We sat in the club lounge on the ferry which was very nice. We had to book a ticket we could change and the club lounge is included in that price. It turned out very well actually as we came in quite early to dover so we caught the early ferry and are now an hour and a half ahead of our schedule. We also got a complimentary glass of champagne so the journey started very nice indeed. The molton brown handwash will soon be a distant, fading memory...(Publicerat av Owe)

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