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Av Vilhelmina - 26 december 2006 17:28

Vår ambulans vid ett stopp uppe i Pyrenéerna.(Publicerat av Owe)

Av Vilhelmina - 26 december 2006 08:57

I'm tucked up in bed, dressed in tracksuit bottoms, woolly socks, t-shirt and a fleece jacket. I'm between two fleece blankets and under a duvet. It's -3 outside and only +6 in the ambulance. It'll be a long night... We slept on the motorway yesterday. There was a little resting place where they had toilets and a few benches for picnics. We parked the ambulance on one of the terrasses for benches - well, we realised in the morning that's what it was for... The toilets were actually remarkably clean and the view was absolutely stunning as we were about 1000m above sea level. Couldn't have woken up in a nicer place even if we tried. And, most importantly, it didn't cost us anything. We've realised our little girl is very thirsty, she did 13 miles to the gallon today... The weather was to start with fantastic, bright blue sky and views more beautiful than a postcard. All trees were totally frosted and it looked like we were going through Narnia. We're currently in a family run campsite in Agos Vidalos called Soleil du Pibeste. The lady of the house kindly let us stay for free when i explained what we're doing! She said it's a way of participating. So nice to see that there are nice people in the world! We tried getting away from the tolls as well, but that wasn't as successful. One girl changed us from class 2 to class 1 which meant we got it cheaper at least. Time for bed now. Sleep well. (I'm updating twitter more regularly so check that one as well if you want more news from Ambulance Antics.)Följ Vivi på av Owe)

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