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Av Vilhelmina - 27 december 2006 08:43

We're in Granada, camping in La Zubia. I'm still amazed at how little english, french or any other language they speak here. Ok, i can accept that the countryside doesn't speak other languages but i would have thought madrid and the bigger cities would have some english knowledge at least. Spanish mountains are beautiful. The country goes from extremes really, from the flattest of flat to rocky cliffs and huge chains of mountains. We're currently just at the base of Sierra Nevada. The power inverter we had for charging the mobiles died sadly so we stopped in Granada to find a mobile phone shop. After a bit of faffing we found something that looked like a shopping street.We parked the ambulance on the corner of a street and i jumped out. They didn't have anything in the shop we'd found, but, on the way there i had passed an optician and i popped in there to see if they had any clip on sunglasses. They didn't have any off the shelf ones, but if i had 30 minutes they could custom make some for me. I thought that was a good idea as i needed to find a car charger anyway. I handed over my glasses and then ran back to the ambulance to put contacts in. I set off down one of the streets and eventually found a shop that did phone accessories. The girl looked curiously at me when i jumped up and down with excitement at having found a charger. "You are looking long charger?" she asked me and i nodded vigorously.We stayed in a hotel last night as we just couldn't manage another night in minus degrees. The temperature is dropping now, it's currently +6 outside and +17 in the truck. Hopefully we should be ok tonight. We haven't got much of a drive tomorrow which is nice. I look forward to washing my hair again. One thing i don't get is why they don't have seats on their toilets in France and Spain. How on earth do they go for number 2's? Do they hover? Do they sit on the bowl? Anyway. Cheers Viv(Publicerat av Owe)

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