Alla inlägg den 2 januari 2007

Av Vilhelmina - 2 januari 2007 06:12

Today has definitely been one of the better days. Much better than 2nd January ever has been in the UK! I'm in bed in the ambulance listening to the music outside and the other teams chatting and laughing. We're in a rubbish campsite in Taroudannt, close to Agadir on the coast. It's basically a concrete parking with squatting toilets in one corner and a tap of water. There is a hut where the guards hang out and it's supposedly free but we have a sneaky feeling the guards won't let us out tomorrow without a little "gift". They've padlocked the gates... We're just behind a fantastic hotel where some teams stay but to start with we haven't got any money and secondly it takes away the whole idea with the rally keeping the costs down.Tizi-n-test was just awesome. Windy roads with sheer drops of a couple of hundred yards and right at the top you have this amazing view over a vast expanse of openness. Magnificent. Words can't describe it. Wait for the photos when i get back.We were going in convoy with the desert scouts, angel and the fairy, banger boys and team unstable. They're all a really good bunch of people and we had a right laugh messing around with the walkie talkies. At one point when we had stopped and was just about to set off i decided to go for a wee behind a cactus and Ben from team unstable announced on the radio "We have a lady peeing, I repeat, a lady peeing." as all cars were on a row it almost blared out like on a tannoy system... It wasn't very easy after that and i quickly decided not to. That then became a running joke and they kept asking me how my bladder was doing! Charming! :-) We also had "CBoke" as opposed to karaoke and kept singing on the radios. We did "Always look on the bright side of life" and one of the other teams filled in the whistling. Nice team spirit. Time for bed now, sleep tight.(Publicerat av Owe)

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