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Av Vilhelmina - 4 januari 2007 20:13

I'm not sure if we technically are in the desert, but it certainly looks like the desert, sand, burnt shrubbery, dunes and one long road.It got a bit boring in the end so i went back to the stretcher for a snooze. The good thing with the stretcher is that you can lie on it and watch out the window. If it gets too boring then you just nod off! The mornings and evenings are very cold. It's averaging +5 and that is bloody freezing to do the washing up and basic personal hygiene in, especially as the water is cold as well. I'm not complaining, but i would love a hot shower, to wash my hair, a wide bed, and a warm duvet. The days are very hot, you dress up warm and snugly because you're so cold from the night and then you have to get changed during the day. Today it was just over +40 when we stopped for some food. Admittedly that was in the sun, but at the end of the day, the ambulance WAS in the sun and we in it. We've had a long day driving and we still have about 70 km to go before we can stop for the night. You don't really want to just stop by the roadside, it's a bit outlaw-ish around here. The locals are friendly, but they know we have money and they keep begging and it can get frightening. We had a bunch of kids throwing rocks on the ambulance and that may not sound very scary but it was a bit unsettling and angered us slightly. We're so strapped for cash as the ambulance is guzzling petrol like an alcoholic downs white lightening and we're not sure we actually have enough money for fuel to get us all the way to Dakar. We'll have to get more out next time we get to a town but we don't really have that much money in our account either. We're living cheaply eating the noodles we brought with us and buying cheap bread from the locals, but apart from that and driving slowly and sensibly there's not much more we can do. To then have a bunch of kids throw rocks at the ambulance because we didn't give them any presents is a tad bit annoying. We're driving in a convoy with five other teams that are really nice. It's the Desert Scouts, three guys who we also met in the new forest get together that they organised. Then there's the Angel and the Fairy, two sweet girls in a VW Golf. The banger boys are also in our convoy, three guys in a Toyota corolla. We have Team Unstable which consists of two guys and then, last but not least, Msafari Express, two americans who's shipped their VW Campervan from New York. On the way to the dock the engine seized up and they had to change it... They're really nice, they stopped in our hotel in marrakech to pick up jules wallet that he had accidentally left behind. They're all really nice and good people and our convoy works really well. We're using the walkie talkies a lot to communicate within the convoy and we have a good teamwork between us. Team Unstable are running a quiz to entertain us on boring stretches and so far the angel and the fairy are leading. That's it for today i think, hopefully we'll get to Laâyoune not too late. (Publicerat av Owe)


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Av Vilhelmina - 11 maj 2007 22:52

Jag tror det här var sista inlägget på Bloggagratis förresten. Jag är så less på att tjafsa med redigering av inläggen och jag är övertygad om att jag kommer välja en av de andra två.     Min gissining är att det blir wordpress så bokmärk den. Vi se...

Av Vilhelmina - 11 maj 2007 22:45

Någon som minns kåljärparna man fick i skolan? Jag tyckte faktiskt om dem, och när jag såg att Mark tagit ut köttfärsen ur frysen tänkte jag att jag skulle göra det ikväll. Jag googlade kåljärpar när jag kom hem eftersom jag inte hade en susning hur ...

Av Vilhelmina - 8 maj 2007 21:58

Jag svängde ihop ett paket snabbnudlar, precis sådana som vi åt så gott som dagligen i Afrika och guud vad de smakade ambulans! Jag fick direkt visioner om stranden i Sidi Ifni, Marocko. Det var soligt, Mark och Jules sprang ner till stranden och jag...

Av Vilhelmina - 6 maj 2007 14:42

Jag fick ett tips av söta Lena att Wordpress är en bra dagbokstjänst. Jag registrerade mig där och första intrycket var att det var lite fippligt och bökigt, men efter en stund fick jag grepp om vad allt var och den känns väldigt bra. Bättre än Blogg...

Av Vilhelmina - 6 maj 2007 13:36

Efter Lena's tips på Blogger om Wprdpress har jag precis registrerat en domän där http://vilhelmina.wordpress.com/ för att se om de är bättre än Bloggagratis och Blogger. De har en facility som jag gillar; man kan lägga till flera undersidor med ...

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