Alla inlägg den 12 januari 2007

Av Vilhelmina - 12 januari 2007 18:34

2007-01-10We've just done the wheelbaring on the fiesta, he took a pot hole a bit too fast and banged it completely. Good job we've got so many tools with us.2007-01-10Hey! We're through the border! And they didn't charge us! Unbelievable! Well, not more than e10 to get out of mauri & e30 to stamp our passports.2007-01-10Happily arrived at zebra bar! Had a lovely meal that we didn't have cook ourselves - or do the washing up! Intermittent mobile reception & no gprs.2007-01-11Today we have windsurfed, canoed, seen jellyfish and lizards, had a proper shower and bbq tonight. Staying another night before going to Dakar2007-01-12Found qn internet cqfe in St Louis; shame the keyboqrd is qfricqn qnd thqt i cqnt access either of the blogs: No idea why!!2007-01-12Our old group arrived at Zebra Bar last night, very pleasd to see them all! We have missed Matt's "Good Morning!!"2007-01-12We're going to Dakar on Tue or Wed. Should have GPRS there I hope. Would love to hear from you all at home, what's new?(Published by Owe)

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