Alla inlägg den 16 januari 2007

Av Vilhelmina - 16 januari 2007 21:54

We've arrived in Dakar and are currently at the Ambassador's residence. Nice feeling seeing the Union Jack outside, ahh, British soil! They don't have gprs here so I will not be posting much more before getting back unfortunately. I have about 7 or 8 entries stacking up in my mobile and will be writing more for the next few days I guess. The ambassador and his wife are truly amazing and have kindly offered us to stay with them for two nights. We're absolutely thrilled to sleep in a proper bed and have a decent shower for the first time in WEEKS! (You don't want to smell us right now...! +35 and no water at campsite meant a somewhat improvised wash...!) Whilst writing this email to Dad (he's the one who's uploaded it as I can't get on to the websites!) the ambassador's daughter called him on Skype so I got chatting to her. She's really nice and we will get together to organise equipment for birth clinics in Mali in February. She needs baby scales and they are apparently very expensive. I said we'll see what we can organise for her to bring with her when she goes next time. If anyone has got any contacts then please get in touch, 07920 006 042. (But don't call just yet, it's too expensive to receive calls in Senegal for me!) We drove past the hospital on our way here and it was so exciting to see it!! Our little ambulance's new home....! :-) Truly amazing! We're staying at the embassy tomorrow cleaning the truck and making it ready for the hospital. On Thursday we're having an official handover with the press to the hospital which will be exciting. The PR woman from the embassy is going to come with us to help with translating...! My pigeon french has been ok to get through borders but i don't think it'll be enough for an interview! The Lisboa - Dakar rally comes in this weekend and we will watch it which will be exciting! Hopefully we can change our flights to leave on Tuesday, but if not we'll lounge around here for another couple of days. The Ambassador's PA has sorted out a few hotels we can try so shouldn't be too bad. (Published by Owe)

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