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Sooooo excited!!

Av Vilhelmina - 17 januari 2007 20:12

I just can't contain myself, life is just too fantastic at the moment! All the people in the Embassy are so helpful, nice, friendly and I am amazed at the hospitality they are showing us! We've stayed one night here in the ambassador's private residence and will stay tonight again. After that his PA Naomi rang around to half of Dakar to find us a room until we leave. She managed to find a whole flat for us, and really cheap as well! She is so brilliant! (Money is running out completely and we're now living on credit cards! We're fine here, but will be interesting to see the account when we get home. :-) The man on reception helped me calling Lastminute.com and Iberia as well to check if we can change our flights. After much hassle I think we've managed to change them to Wednesday 24th, arriving UK early morning 25th. That's a lot better as we can then go to Wales to pick up our little guinea pigs... Gosh I miss them now! When it's been tough during the trip I've been imagining sitting on the sofa with Curtis on my lap twittring away. Bless him... ! I also spent some time with Ndac, the PR and Communications woman here at the Embassy to work out our story for the press tomorrow. I'm a bit nervous as there will be both big papers for Senegal and a TV crew as well...! Must do my hair in the morning!! We don't seem to get all text messages and twitters now, so if we don't reply it's probably because we haven't got it. Apologies, but the mobile network seem a bit temperamental sometimes here. I had heard it would be good, but I'm not sure I agree with that. Dinner with Ambassador tonight and then lunch with him and his wife and staff tomorrow after the press conference. Then we're off to a very disadvantaged hospital for some equipment and then on to a clinic for even more medical items. They explained to us that the Hospital getting the ambulance is a fairly well off hospital. They chose this one as they would be the only ones with enough funds to actually maintain the ambulance and also make use of the equipment as their staff is properly medically trained. The other hospitals - although perhaps more needy and serving the less advantaged people - would not have the resources or knowledge to make use of it. We have today sorted out which hospital should have what depending on their abilities and need and all that's left is going to a clinic that can use things like bandages and syringes. All our bedding, clothes, cooking items etc is to be given to other charities that the ambassador's wife is engaged in. She has got her cleaning lady to wash the clothes to be given away and she will ensure all items are given to the ones who need them the most. I am truly amazed at the engagement and passion of the people here at the embassy. Anyway, gotta dash! Dinner soon after another PROPER SHOWER! I can't tell you how amazing it is to have a toilet and shower at hand whenever you need it! Or just to be able to wash your hands! Heaven!!!! Dad - could you put this on the English blog as well? Internet too slow over here! :-) Thanks a million!


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Av Vilhelmina - 11 maj 2007 22:52

Jag tror det här var sista inlägget på Bloggagratis förresten. Jag är så less på att tjafsa med redigering av inläggen och jag är övertygad om att jag kommer välja en av de andra två.     Min gissining är att det blir wordpress så bokmärk den. Vi se...

Av Vilhelmina - 11 maj 2007 22:45

Någon som minns kåljärparna man fick i skolan? Jag tyckte faktiskt om dem, och när jag såg att Mark tagit ut köttfärsen ur frysen tänkte jag att jag skulle göra det ikväll. Jag googlade kåljärpar när jag kom hem eftersom jag inte hade en susning hur ...

Av Vilhelmina - 8 maj 2007 21:58

Jag svängde ihop ett paket snabbnudlar, precis sådana som vi åt så gott som dagligen i Afrika och guud vad de smakade ambulans! Jag fick direkt visioner om stranden i Sidi Ifni, Marocko. Det var soligt, Mark och Jules sprang ner till stranden och jag...

Av Vilhelmina - 6 maj 2007 14:42

Jag fick ett tips av söta Lena att Wordpress är en bra dagbokstjänst. Jag registrerade mig där och första intrycket var att det var lite fippligt och bökigt, men efter en stund fick jag grepp om vad allt var och den känns väldigt bra. Bättre än Blogg...

Av Vilhelmina - 6 maj 2007 13:36

Efter Lena's tips på Blogger om Wprdpress har jag precis registrerat en domän där http://vilhelmina.wordpress.com/ för att se om de är bättre än Bloggagratis och Blogger. De har en facility som jag gillar; man kan lägga till flera undersidor med ...

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